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Bosch CORE18V Battery Is Here

A revolution in cordless power tools is starting. Bosch’s new CORE18V battery is setting the standard for cordless batteries and it’s now available for order at KMS Tools! Visit this page to pre-order the CORE18V battery and be one of the first Continue reading Bosch CORE18V Battery Is Here

Welding Safety Equipment Checklist

Why is welding safety equipment important? Molten metal, noxious fumes and scathing ultraviolet and infrared light are just a few of the hazards that welders deal with. Wearing the correct safety equipment can protect you from these dangers, so you Continue reading Welding Safety Equipment Checklist

Win your February Purchases Contest

Win Your February Purchases, Up to  $1000 on a KMS Gift Card CLICK HERE FOR OFFICIAL RULES CLICK HERE FOR FAQ