Nova Mini 20mm Dovetail Jaws

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Model#: JS20N
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Nova Mini 20mm Jaw set is a new addition to the current Nova Jaw range. The Nova Mini 20mm Jaws are designed to be able to work below the size of projects that can be handled by the 25mm jaw.

  • Fits all Nova chucks.
  • Ideal for midi/mini work.
  • A great range of smaller projects can be mounted and turned using either the expansion mode (mostly for bowls) or the contraction mode (mostly for spigots)
  • Quick mounting makes them ideal for smaller projects
  • Multiple turned pieces (ie lace bobbins) can be turned from dowel stock.
  • Made from medium tensile carbon K145 steel to provide maximum structural strength.
  • Standard Woodworm Screw can be used with these jaws
  • 2 year warranty
  • Able to be used on all Teknatool Chucks in the range*, although recommended as a best fit with the Precision Midi and the G3 Chucks.
  • For smaller projects mounted and turned using either the expansion or contraction mode.
  • Can be used on all Nova lathe chucks