Woodpeckers Tongue and Groove 2 Piece Router Bits

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Model#: WP143
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Tongue and groove or T&G is a method of fitting similar objects together, edge to edge, used mainly with wood: flooring, parquetry, panelling, and similar constructions. Tongue and groove joints allow two flat pieces to be joined strongly together to make a single flat surface. Before plywood became common, tongue and groove boards were also used for sheathing buildings and to construct concrete formwork. The tongue is cut 1/2" wide by cutters with opposing shear angles to make sure that top and bottom surfaces are silky smooth and splinter-free.

  • 1/2" shank
  • 4 cutting edges
  • High quality C4 carbide
  • 1/2" shank
  • 1 39/64" diameter