Woodpeckers 16pc Forstner Bit Set

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Model#: WPF-SET-16
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These are high quality high carbon steel bits that are hardened, ground to size and designed to bore clean, flat, precise holes in a variety of woods. These are especially useful for cabinet makers, carriage builders, pattern makers, stair builders and piano makers. They will bore any arc of a circle, and can be guided in any direction regardless of grain or knots, leaving a true polished surface. They can be used for core boxes, fine and delicate patterns, veneers, screen work, scalloping, fancy scroll, twist columns, newels, ribbon molding and mortising.

  • (1/4" - 2 1/8")
  • Made from high carbon steel, hardened and ground to size
  • Designed to bore clean, flat and precise holes in a variety of woods