Trend Airshield Pro Face Shield

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Trend Airshield Pro is a battery-powered, air-circulating face shield that's designed for all woodworking applications. The Airshield Pro is equipped with a face-sealing visor and twin filters that capture 98% of particles 0.6 micron and larger, so it's suitable for working with MDF. In addition, its onboard motor keeps the air moving, circulating air up to 7 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

Includes Airshield Pro face shield, two THP2 fine filters, air flow indicator, clear visor overlay, battery, charger and carrying bag.

  • Combination face shield and hood to improve protection
  • Motor positioned away from forehead to reduce the effects of noise and limit irritation
  • Built-in attachment points are compatible with ear defenders
  • Designed for comfort, balance and effectiveness, with optimized centre of gravity and strategically located components
  • Twin filters capture 98% of dust 0.6 microns and larger
  • Suitable for use when machining MDF
  • Removable 3.5 Ah battery delivers up to 8 hours of runtime
  • Rated for use at home workshops and professional production facilities

Maximum air flow (fully charged): 7.06 CFM
Minimum air flow: 5.6 CFM
Headgear size: 20.5" to 24.5"
Size range: 6-3/8 to 7-3/4
Mean filtered particle size: 0.6 micron
Motor sound level: 70 dB
Battery runtime: 8 hours
Weight: 2.2 lbs