Magnum Cable Tracker

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Model#: MS6812
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The Magnum Cable Tracker sends a tone down a wire to identify and trace wires or cables bunched in a group without damaging insulation. With this tracker, you can find and trace non-energized electrical wires, telephone lines, data cables, alarm cables, speaker wires, coax, thermostat wires and more.

Set includes a Sender (MS6812-T) with two alligator clips and an RJ11 plug, Receiver (MS6812-R), user manual and two 9 volt batteries.


  • Test the continuity of cables or wires
  • Find a cable in a bunch without damaging insulation
  • Trace the tip and ring wires in telephone lines
  • Identify the status (clear, busy, ringing) of working telephone lines
  • Specifcations:
  • Product type: Cable tracker
  • Manufacturer: Magnum
  • Model: MS6812
  • Tone generator output (square waveform): Single (1500Hz) / dual (1300 - 1500Hz)
  • Send tone frequency: 1.5 Hz
  • Receive frequency: 100 Hz - 300 kHz
  • Instruction: Sound and light