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M Power Point 2 Point Marking Tool A-USA/MP/P2P

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  • SKU: MPT-P2P
  • Model: A-USA/MP/P2P
  • Limited Qty Online
  • Manufactured by: M Power
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The Point 2 Point Mk2 takes the hassle out of marking out jobs that need equal spacings, ideal for those of us whose eye instantly settles on an out of place screw head. The Point 2 Point™ saves a good deal of discomfort and time spent with a calculator, tape measure and note pad. This tool can find the perfect sequence and spacings for a row of coat hooks, screws, nails, dowels, or shirt buttons.

Tool functions:

Equal spacing layout - The 7 integral uprights built onto the Point 2 Point mechanism expand equally to give 7 accurate marking points.

Centre point finder - The central upright of the Mk2 instantly centres itself on boards up to 2-1/2" in width.

Layout transfers - Set the Point to Point mechanism up to 5’’ between points and lock-in the precise setting. Then the layout markings can be transferred from board to board as many times as is required.

Calculating the maximum number of subdivisions - Point 2 Point gives an excellent visual guide when marking out prior to rough sawing.

  • Manufactured using higher tolerances - reducing play and increasing overall accuracy
  • Maximum extension of 2-1/2' (762 mm) which is 25% more than its predecessor
  • More robust uprights and cross members - made with components that are 50% thicker than the original
  • Larger pinch bolts - instead of 4 pinch bolts like the Mk1, the Mk2 only needs 2
  • 0.5mm nylon bushes fitted to 19 pivot points, making the scissor action smoother and improving accuracy
  • More accurate than previous model
  • Made in United Kingdom
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