iVAC Dust Collector Switch Box

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The iVAC Dust Collector Switch Box is an inexpensive, simple-to-use automated dust controller that activates your shop vacuum automatically whenever the power tool to which it’s attached is turned on. All you need to do is remember to hook up the vacuum hose to your power tool. With this easy-to-use dust collector switch, you’ll be amazed at how much cleaner renovation work can be. Dust and debris is collected immediately, extraneous airborne dust is mitigated and clean-up is much easier.

  • Works with any 115 volt / 15 amp power tool including light-duty table saws, portable sanders, mitre saws or Dremel tools
  • Controls dust collectors up to 1 HP
  • Controls shop vacuums up to 5 HP
  • Three modes of operation – Auto, Off and On
  • Turn-on delay avoids circuit breakers being tripped
  • Turn-off delay ensures that your work area continues to be cleared of remaining airborne debris even after the tool has stopped
  • Dual inputs permit operation from two separately protected AC mains circuits, when the combined power from the tool and the vacuum exceed 15 amps
  • Both power cords are individually protected with 15 amp circuit breakers.
  • Designed for continuous operation