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Franklin Sensors 710+ ProSensor Stud Detector

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Model#: 710+
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This professional-grade stud detector is quick, easy to use and very accurate. The ProSensor 710+ senses the wall in thirteen locations simultaneously, then immediately illuminates the display elements that are in front of a stud. Unlike the original Franklin ProSensor 710, the new 710+ featuers a built-in bubble level and ruler.


  • Advanced Multi-Sense Technology senses the wall in multiple locations simultaneously
  • Bright LEDs lights illuminate to indicate the position of hidden objects - making it very easy to visualize the position of studs
  • Identifies the width of hidden objects so that you not only know the position of hidden objects, but so you also know the size of them
  • Can identify the position of multiple studs simultaneously
  • Deep Scanning is always active (up to 1.5")