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BlackCut 12" (315mm) 220T HSS Cold Saw Blade

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Model#: 1093220
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This steam-oxide treated HSS cold saw blade features teeth with hard cutting edges that resist heat and wear. Each blade is press quenched after hardening to prevent warping. Applications include cutting different shapes and types of ferrous metal including tubes, extrusions, structural sections, billets, bars, ingots, castings, forgings, etc.

  • Ideal for a variety of ferrous metal cutting applications
  • Steam-oxide treated for durability and cutting performance
  • Fits the Magnum Industrial MI-61300 cold cut saw
  • Specifications:
  • Product: HSS cold saw blade
  • Diameter: 12" (315 mm)
  • Arbor: 1.25" (32 mm)
  • Thickness: 0.10" (2.5 mm)
  • Standard pinholes: 2/8/45 2/11/63
  • Teeth: 220