AccuAir e-Level+ Connect Air Suspension Controller

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The e+ Connect wireless controller is AccuAir's entry level control system that starts out as a simple, smartphone based, wireless switch box that can be upgraded over time to a full fledged e-Level+ system. By adding the Height+ Sensor Upgrade and even a TouchPad+ Controller Upgrade, you can build your way up to one of the most premiere managements on the market.

AccuAir's e+ Connect wireless controller is as simple as it gets but you'll need a few extras to get it working, most notably a manifold like the AccuAir VU4 4 Corner Manifold if you're piecing everything together yourself, or the AccuAir ENDO-VT Air Tank if you're looking for a tank with integrated valves.


  • Control your air suspension with your smartphone using the ePlus app
  • Air tank pressure readout on the ePlus app
  • RGB backlighting that allows you to change the color of your ECU
  • Valve pigtail included for use with any brand manifold or individual valves.
  • Battery saver mode that puts the system to sleep after 24 hours
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Over the air updates