Stiletto Milled Face Titanium Hammer (15oz)

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  • Model: TB15MC
  • Limited Availability
  • Manufactured by: Stiletto
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The ancient Samurai sword was made out of specialized Japanese steel called Tamahagane. It made the katana lightweight and strong. Today, the framer’s hammer needs to have the same characteristics. This Stiletto is a precision nail driving tool. Its solid titanium construction offers extreme durability, and its ergonomic injection-molded grip offers great comfort and even greater control. It has a removable steel nose piece which allows you to replace the face in a few minutes. This premium hammer also features a convenient magnetic nail starter. Preferred by framers, and considered to be one of the finest hammers on the market today.

  • Replaceable milled or smooth steel faces
  • 10x less recoil vibration than a steel hammer
  • Magnetic nail holder
  • Hits like a 28oz steel hammer and weighs 45% less
  • 18" rubber coated titanium curved handle
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