Zarpax Outdoor Gear Dehumidifier

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Model#: LV2-G200
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Hunters and shooters are known to maintain their firearms and gear with the greatest care. Moisture control is vital in keeping equipment in optimal condition; in both outdoor use and storage. The Zarpax reusable dehumidifier attracts excess humidity in its surroundings like a magnet and offers active moisture protection for firearms, equipment and ammo. The absorbed moisture is safely retained without ever leaking out during use. This makes the product completely safe for use near firearms and sensitive equipment.

When the dehumidifier is full with moisture, it needs recharging, and indicates so by the indicator turning from blue to pink. Then put the dehumidifier in the microwave to recharge it. After recharging, the indicator turns back to blue, and your Zarpax dehumidifier will then be ready for use again. Zarpax reusable Dehumidifiers with smart humidity indicator are the premium choice for your gun safe, locker, hard case, gun bag, and many other spaces.

  • Microwave-rechargeable in just 6 minutes
  • Smart humidity indicator shows you when it time to recharge
  • Perfect for gun safe/case/bag/ammo and much more
  • Protect your Gear from moisture while in storage
  • Completely safe and reusable. Never leaks