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Magnum Pedestal Band/Ring Roller

Reg. $379.99
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Aside from the usual cheesy aspects one expects from these products, this one actually does a pretty good job. Rolling is fairly effortless compared to my smaller ring roller. I had to realign the drive roll, the spring pin supplied for the drive shaft doesn't fit ( falls right through the hole),the nut on the pin that guides the bottom rolls when travelling up and down should be a nyloc, and the rolls could really use a groove for rolling round stock. it is a bit challenging keeping round stock on the rolls and keeping it straight so as not to create a helix instead of a ring. overall though, it seems to do what it is intended to reasonably well. I would recommend buying this tool, just be prepared for a certain amount of playing around to get it working properly. overall, decent value at this price point.
Date Added: 04/30/2019 by mark russer