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POR 15 Steering Wheel Repair Kit SWRK

Reg. $147.99
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  • Model: SWRK
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  • Manufactured by: Por 15
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The POR-15® Steering Wheel Repair Kit enables anyone to restore a steering wheel to show-quality condition. The included step-by-step instructions were written by leading experts in steering wheel repair. You will find the techniques you learn  useful in restoring other hard-to-repair items as well. Restore dash knobs, gear shift knobs, radio buttons, and other hard rubber, bakelite, or other plastic interior parts. The Steering Wheel Restoration Kit is a must in restoring your old steering wheel to show-quality condition! Kit Contains:    POR Epoxy Putty    Marine-Clean Spray Cleaner    Contoured Sanding Block    Steering Wheel Sanding Board    Red (360-400 grade) Scuff Pad    Gray (600-800 grade) Scuff Pad    Sandpaper    Surgical Latex Gloves    Supertack Cloth    Polyester Primer and Surfacer w/Hardener    Spray Bottle/Cartridge for Primer & Enamel    High Gloss Polishing Compound    Saw, File, and Drill Bit    Detailed, Illustrated Instruction Book

  • Restore Show Quality
  • Restores hard rubber, bakelite and other plastic parts.
  • Complete Kit
  • Detailed Instructions
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