Oneida 5 Gallon Dust Deputy Deluxe Kit

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Injection moulded from a translucent anti-static resin, the Dust Deputy cyclone uses centrifugal force to capture and remove 99% of dust and debris from the air-stream before it reaches your vacuum's filter, eliminating clogged filters and suction loss. This simple and efficient design can be adapted for use with your dust collector or any make, size, or model wet/dry vacuum. It also features tapered 2.0" inlet and outlet ports, allowing for secure fittings with a variety of hoses sizes.

The 5 Gallon Dust Deputy Deluxe kit includes a 5 gallon dust bucket with a pre-cut lid, a 5 gallon sidecar bucket that you can attach to your shop vac, 3' of hose, clamps and a set of casters for mobility—everything you need to get started.

The Dust Deputy can be used with nearly any type of material including wood chips and shavings, sanding dust, drywall dust, concrete dust, clay and silica dust, granular powders, grass clippings and leaves, bakery dust and flour, cooled ash and soot, stones and gravel, soil/dirt, water, pet/animal hair, metal scraps and shavings, grinding dust and debris.

  • Uses centrifugal force to capture and remove 99% of dust and debris before it reaches your filter
  • Improves suction power
  • Injection moulded translucent anti-static resin
  • Can be adapted to fit any make, size or model of wet/dry vacuum
  • Kit includes anti-static cyclone, 3' of 2" hose with cuffs, two band clamps, sidecar bucket for your shop vacuum, dust bucket with pre-cut lid with bolt and centre holes, and set of three rotating casters for added mobility
  • Made in USA