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Lincoln SuperArc 023 Mild Steel Welding Wire (12.5 lbs) ED015790

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  • SKU: LNC-ED015790
  • Model: ED015790
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  • Manufactured by: Lincoln
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Lincoln's premium copper coated MIG wire, SuperArc L-56 is an excellent choice for welding on metals with a medium to high presence of millscale. For best performance use on clean, oil-free, and rust-free base material. Conforms to ER70S-6.

  • Wire diameter: 0.023"
  • Spool weight: 12.5 lbs
  • AWS class: ER70S-6
  • Features:
  • High levels of manganese and silicon deoxidizers tolerate medium to heavy mill scale surfaces
  • Excellent toe-wetting provides optimal bead appearance
  • Copper coated for long contact tip life
  • Supports short-circuiting, globular, axial spray and pulsed spray transfer
  • Applications:
  • Medium to heavy mill scale base material
  • Sheetmetal to 380-485 MPa (55-70 ksi) yield strength material
  • Automotive repair
  • Robotic or hard automation
  • Structural steel
  • Sheilding gas
  • Mixed shielding gas
  • 100 percent C02
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