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Lincoln Electric Ranger 305 G Gas Welder/Generator K1726-5

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  • SKU: LNC-K17265
  • Model: K1726-5
  • Limited Qty Online
  • Manufactured by: Lincoln Electric
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The Ranger® 305 G is a powerful multiprocess stick, TIG, wire and pipe welding engine-driven welder that is ready for an all day extended performance. The welder works great for construction, maintenance and repair, pipe and ranch/farm applications.  Like the Ranger 225, the 305 G shares many similar features and can be used as a welder or back-up generator. The difference being is that the 305 G is built to handle tougher jobs and have more versatility.

The Ranger 305 has superior arc performance thanks to it being equipped with Lincoln Chopper Technology®. It provides easy starts, a smooth arc, low spatter and excellent bead appearance.  The welder even comes with digital weld meters for Amps and Volts to make it easy for you to precisely pre-set your procedures and monitor actual welding output.

Other features:

Excellent DC multi-process welding for genal purpose stick, downhill pipe (stick), TIG, cored-wire, MIG (CO2 and mixed gas) and arc gouging.

Rated at 29V for 300 Amps of stick or CV welding. CV wire welding with up to 5/64 in. (2.0 mm) diameter electrodes.

Arc force control provides a soft or more forceful digging arc in CC-stick or downhill pipe mode and inductance/pinch control in CV wire mode

Touch Start TIG® (DC) - lift tungsten to start the arc. No high frequency required. Avoids tungsten contamination in the weld. Voltage sensing output stops the arc when the torch is lifted at the end of the weld.

Built-in “hot” start for easier starts and restrikes minimizing the electrode “sticking” to the work.

Kohler® Gasoline Engine comes with electric fuel pump to avoid vapour lock at high altitude operation.

Longer engine life, reduced noise emissions and greater fuel economy and automatic engine shutdown protection for low oil pressure

AC generator voltage is constant at 120V or 240V at any weld dial setting.

Fully enclosed case for equipment protection and low noise.

Skewed rotor design provides AC power suitable for operating Lincoln Electric inverter power sources.

Welding and AC generator outputs rated at 104°F (40°C).

  • Processes: Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored, Gouging
  • 23HP Kohler OHV Command CH730 Engine with 45 litre gas tank
  • 100% Duty cycle @ 300 Amps and 29 volts
  • Output Range: 14-29V CV; 20-250 Amp TIG; 20-305 Amp DC; 40-300 Amp Pipe
  • Generator output:10,500 watts peak, 9,500 watts continuous
  • Noise Level: 76.7 dBA sound level at 23 ft. (7 m). 103.3 dB sound power (Lwa) at rated output
  • Cylinders: 2
  • 4 welding modes: CC-Stick, Downhill Pipe, CV-Wire, and Touch Start TIG®
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): (36.2 in x 21.5 in x 42.3 in (920 mm x 546 mm x 1073 mm)
  • Machine net weight: 510 (231.336 kg)
  • Click PDF icon to download feature / spec sheet LNC-K17265
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