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Keep it Clean Wiring 5 Channel Remote Control Keyless Entry KL550

Reg. $119.99
Save $10
  • SKU: 1HOF-KL550
  • Model: KL550
  • Special Order Item - Order Confirmation Will Quote Ship Time
  • Manufactured by: Keep it Clean Wiring
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KEYLESS ENTRY DONE RIGHT! The Keyless Entry Unit offers you a good quality keyless entry unit at an affordable price. Packed full of features! The Keyless Entry Unit allows you to lock and unlock your doors and still have four functions left over for any other power accessories... all by remote control! You can use these functions to control power windows, trunk, remote starts and much more!

  • Use for remote start, keyless entry, alarm
  • Easy installation
  • 2 compact remotes
  • built in relays
  • Good for all vehicles
  • Used for remote start, keyless entry, and alarm
  • 2 Compact remotes
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