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Festool Limited Emerald Edition DF 500 Domino Joiner Set FES-576693

  • SKU: FES-576693
  • Model: FES-576693
  • Limited Qty Online
  • Manufactured by: Festool
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Joining has always been a slow, difficult process. The Festool Domino Joiner can help ease some of that stress. The system consists of the Domino joiner and pre-fabricated, Beech and Sipo Domino tenons.

The Domino joiner, with its revolutionary cutting method, simple indexing features and adjustable mortise sizing, makes flawless mortises every single time. It's a simple tool to use with angle, depth and height adjustment scales with positive stops for repeated work and accurate indexing. The included stop pins allow for consistent indexing against the workpiece edge which is critical for perfect alignment when joining panels. Create precise, solid joints for your largest or smallest projects.

The Domino tenon is equally as impressive - it is 100% rotation-proof and far stronger than either biscuits or dowels. It also has a large gluing surface area for extra strength. The unique, patented cutting mechanism consists of a spiral cutter with carbide tip that oscillates as it rotates to create perfect mortises time after time. This action creates a clean entry for a perfectly flush surface while preventing heat build up in the tooling for long cutter life.

The Domino is portable and ergonomic and lets you take the tool to the work for precise joint placement. Straightforward adjustments for mortise width and depth, and material height. An available range of tenon sizes and types for maximum joint stability across many different applications. The Domino system is above all economical and efficient. The fast, easy alignment and repeatability of accurate mortises dramatically reduces set-up time and enhances your quality of work. The set version includes additional Festool accessories Trim Stop for registering on narrow pieces and Cross Stop for repeat mortise indexing.

KMS 5 Star Advantage Plan: We add one FREE extra year of warranty to every qualifying tool or machine purchased at KMS.

  • Unique, patented cutting action that rotates and oscillates to create perfect, clean, and repeatable mortises every time
  • Mortise width adjustment with the turn of a dial allows for easier alignment when joining panels
  • Pivoting Fence allows you to create angled mortises from 0-90° with positive stops at 22.5°, 45°, 67.5°
  • Cuts slots for 5/ 6/ 8/ 10mm width tenons, 12/ 15/ 20/ 25/ 28mm in length
  • Indexing pins for quick alignment against the edge of the workpiece for accurate placement
  • Dust extractable design provides clean mortise holes for better glue adhesion and longer cutter life
  • Made in Germany


  • Cutter spindle speed: 24,300 RPM
  • Domino slot cutter diameter: 5/6/8/10 mm
  • Miter Routing: 0-90°; stop positions at 0°
  • Movable stepped stop: 16/20/22/25/28/36/40 mm
  • Routing depth stop: 12/15/20/25/28 mm
  • Routing height adjuster with scale: 5-30 mm
  • Power consumption: 420 Watts
  • Tool weight: 7 lbs (3.2 kg)


  • (1) Domino D6 cutter
  • (1) Domino D8 cutter
  • (1) Domino D10 cutter
  • (1) Limited edition blue T-LOC systainer 2
  • (1) Domino cutter (5mm)
  • (1) Support bracket
  • (1) Wrench
  • (1) Plug it cord
  • (1) Trim stop
  • (1) Cross stop
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