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Century Wire and Cable 3' Power Tech GFCI Adapter Cord

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Model#: D18012003
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PowerTech 20A GFCI extension cords and adapters offer ground fault safety protection, performance and reliability. The GFCI solid state construction provides years of trouble free protection and interrupts the electrical circuit to a load when a fault circuit of 6mA or more is detected. PowerTech GFCIs need to be manually reset after a trip incident, an important feature that prevents the equipment from restarting unattended after the incident.

  • SJTW (300V) cord uses soft-drawn, bunch stranded 100% copper with molded on plugs and connector
  • Large strain reliefs prevent the ends from detaching
  • Cold weather insulating and jacketing compounds maintain flexibility in cold temperatures.
  • Class A GFCI, 4-6 mA trip level
  • Operating temperature range -35°C to +66°C
  • Power on LED indicator
  • Rating 120V AC, 50/60Hz
  • Surge supression 13 joules