COAST Pure Beam Focusing Polysteel 400 Swivel Flashlight - 440 Lumen

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Model#: 30138
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Work hands-free in full light—with a virtually indestructible flashlight whose magnetic base connects to metal surfaces and a 180-degree rotating head, delivering either a spot or flood beam where it’s needed using COAST’s patented beam-shaping optical technology. Freedom to use both hands can be critical to doing the job well. The COAST PS400S, from the family of virtually indestructible POLYSTEEL lights, is not only drop-proof, crushproof, and storm proof. It’s also pocket-sized, with a magnetic tail cap for easy connection to surfaces, allowing you to position and shine the light right where you need it. Patented beam-shaping technology delivers the light the job demands—whether a full-field flood beam or high-intensity spot beam.

  • The Crush Proof feature combines a super-tough stainless steel core with a grip-textured poly-nylon exterior to build unimaginable strength into highly functional lights
  • Attach the light to magnetic surfaces. COAST lights with a Magnetized Tail Cap have an integrated magnet that enable you to affix the light to magnetic surfaces for easy storage or hands-free use
  • Drop Proof for use in rugged, high-impact environments
  • Pack two powerful beams into one and seamlessly transition—with no halos or hot spots—between short and long-range viewing. COAST’s patented focusing technology adapts to your need. The Ultra View Flood beam delivers edge-to-edge clarity in a broad circle, and the BULLS-EYE Spot Beam sends a sharp ray of light at a distance with a transitional halo around the spot to increase the effective viewing area
  • Control your light power with the push of a button. Cycle between full light, medium light and low light options
  • Dial in the shape of light you need for the situation. COAST’s TWIST FOCUS system makes it easy to move between spot and flood beams by simply rotating the head of the flashlight


  • Product: Swivel Flashlight
  • Manufacturer: COAST Cutlery
  • Model: 30138
  • Beam distance (high/medium/low): 688' (210 m) / 459' (140 m) / 246' (75 m)
  • Light output (high/medium/low): 440 lumens / 200 lumens / 60 lumens
  • Runtime (high/medium/low): 3 h / 7 h / 29 h
  • Weight: 0.4 lbs


  • (4) AAA batteries