Uni-ram Heavy-Duty Sandblast Pot – Made in Canada

made in canada uni ram sandblast pot

Maybe your summer project involves restoring a car, truck or boat. If it does, a sandblast pot is a good investment. Sandblasting is an effective, time-saving way to clear rust, remove paint, and clean a variety of surfaces, especially narrow corners and hard-to-reach areas.¬†Available in store on online, the Uni-Ram U100-S holds a 100 lbs of blast media and includes a hose, gun and a ceramic tip. It’s made right here in Canada.

The Right Media for the Job

With a sandblast pot and the correct sandblast media you can efficiently clean up frames, suspension parts and much more. Every application varies, so take time to select the right media. The goal is to remove rust and debris without damaging any valuable parts.

Made in Canada

A Canadian-owned family business since 1981, KMS Tools aims to deliver the best value guaranteed! This includes selling Canadian-made tools whenever possible. Keep an eye on the KMS Tools flyer to discover new tools and amazing sales, and look for the Made in Canada logo.

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