Rite in the Rain Notebooks

Rite in the Rain Notebooks

(RIR-135 – $4.79 / RIR-146 – $6.95 / RIR-373 – $8.95 / RIR-371FX – $15.95)

Rite in the Rain Notebooks

Autumn is on its way and so is the soggy weather. Rite in the Rain notebooks feature weather-proof paper with a special coating that can handle the wettest, muddiest, greasiest, grimiest and oiliest jobsites. These notebooks are near indestructible and completely recyclable. We currently stock the following Rite in the Rain notebooks:

Each features a universal pattern that is ideal for taking notes or sketching out diagrams and schematics.

For best results, use a pencil or an all-weather pen.

*sale prices in effect from September 1–30, 2016

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