New SawStop Jobsite Saw PRO Now Available

SawStop Jobsite Saw PROCarrying over the same high-quality construction, time-saving features and proprietary safety system that made SawStop’s original portable table saw a success, the company takes a step forward with its new Jobsite Saw PRO: They added more rip capacity, a new high/low fence and standard above-table dust collection.

Jobsite Saw PRO is available at KMS Tools. Shop now or keep reading to learn more.

What’s New?

Deeper Table

To accommodate wider rip cuts—up to 25.5″—and provide better support for large panels and sheet goods, SawStop gave the new JSS PRO a deeper table. It now measures 43-5/16″ x 24-5/8″, while the JSS PRO remains as easy to transport and set up as the original, the JSS MCA.

Dust Collection Blade Guard

The JSS PRO includes a dust collection blade guard, standard. On the previous model this was an optional upgrade. A dust collection blade guard offers better dust control for a couple of reasons: 1) It uses blade turbulence to move above-table dust, and 2) with the vacuum port above the blade, dust is sucked away as it’s created. In addition, the dust collection blade guard is complemented by optimized under-table shrouding. All said, the JSS PRO delivers more efficient overall dust collection than its forebear.

SawStop Jobsite Saw PRO

T-Style High/Low Fence with ErgoLock

The new Jobsite Saw PRO has a sturdy and smooth-sliding T-style fence. Like the previous model, this fence secures in place with SawStop’s ErgoLock feature. What’s new is a quick-change low fence that makes it safer to rip smaller workpieces. The low fence clips into place with an easy-to-use locking mechanism.

Other Cool Features

One-Turn Elevation

Just like the JSS MCA, the new Jobsite Saw PRO is equipped with SawStop’s one-turn elevation system. With only a single turn of the handwheel, you can raise or lower the blade. Other saws can need 25 or more turns.

Quick Tilt with Tilt Adjust

Another holdover is SawStop’s squeeze-to-tilt angle setter, dubbed Quick Tilt. The main adjustment knob locks at 1 degree increments for quick setting. Then you can fine-tune the angle with the separate Tilt Adjust knob.

SawStop Jobsite Saw PRO

Onboard Accessory Storage

Also back is the accessory storage drawer—a crucial feature for a saw on the go. It holds everything you need: dust collection blade guard, riving knife, mitre gauge, and more, keeping vital accessories with the saw and close at hand.

SawStop Safety Technology

The hallmark feature of every SawStop table saw, Jobsite Saw PRO included, is its safety system, which helps prevent on-the-job injuries. The blade carries a small electrical current which detects the conductivity in skin. The moment skin touches the blade, the system activates—stopping the blade and the motor within 5 milliseconds. An aluminum brake safely stops the blade, which moves below the table to prevent subsequent contact. 

The system resets in 90 seconds and requires a new brake and blade. All told, this changeover takes less than five minutes.

Every SawStop table saw is equipped with this system, and over the years it has helped both hobbyists and professionals avoid potentially catastrophic injuries.

Cutting Performance and Unmatched Safety

While top-of-the-line safety is the company’s trademark, SawStop saws are known for their quality and performance. The new Jobsite Saw PRO is no exception. With an excellent T-fence and dust collection system, as well as handy features like Quick Tilt and one-turn elevation, the Jobsite Saw PRO delivers a combination of innovation, safety and mobility that few other portable table saws offer.

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SawStop JSS PRO Specifications


1.5 hp, 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 15A

Blade diameter:


Dado diameter:


Maximum cutting depth at 0°:

3-1/8″ (80 mm)

Maximum cutting depth at 45°:

2-1/8″ (54 mm)

Maximum rip right of blade (extended):

25-1/2″ (648 mm)

Saw dimensions with cart
(L x W x H):

44″ x 28-1/2″ x 29″
(1,117 x 724 x 737 mm)

Table dimensions (extended):

43-5/16″ x 24-5/8″
(1092 x 610 mm)

Weight (saw only):

84 lbs (38.10 kg)

Weight (with cart):

113 lbs (51.26 kg)

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