Milwaukee MX FUEL

What Is MX FUEL?

MX FUEL is a new cordless system from Milwaukee. It’s designed to provide cordless solutions for jobs that, in the past, have required either gas or AC powered tools and equipment.

This system is heavy-duty—meant to complement Milwaukee’s existing M12 and M18 systems.

Along with a charger and the new tools (more on that shortly) Milwaukee has announced two MX FUEL battery packs: 

  • CP203 with 20 lithium ion cells and a 45 minute recharge time; and 
  • XC406 with 40 cells and 90 minute recharge time.

Both batteries work with all MX FUEL tools and equipment.

Milwaukee MX FUEL Tools and Equipment

Milwaukee MX FUEL cut off saw

MX FUEL 14″ Cut-Off Saw—Clean, Quiet and Fast

Quieter and cleaner than a conventional gas-powered cut-off saw, the MX FUEL 14″ Cut-Off Saw (MXF314) delivers a full 14″ of cutting capacity—without the noise, emissions and headaches.

Click here to learn more about the MXF314-1XC cut-off saw kit and order yours today. It includes the saw, an XC406 battery pack, charger and contractor bag. An optional cart is also available. 

Milwaukee MX Fuel Breaker

MX FUEL Breaker—Lighter and Less Vibration

The new MX FUEL Breaker (MXF368) promises to make demolition safer and easier. How? It is lighter, and creates less vibration than conventional AC-powered breakers. When paired with one XC406 battery pack, the MX FUEL Breaker can demolish up to 2 tons of concrete.

Order the MXF368-1XC breaker kit. It comes with the breaker, three chisels, an XC406 battery, charger and a cart.

Milwaukee MX FUEL core drill with stand

MX FUEL Core Drill—Light and Powerful with Less Kickback

Ideal for drilling reinforced concrete, the MX FUEL handheld core drill (MXF301) features a built-in clutch and AutoStop feature that limits rotation in the event of binding. It also has a gauge to help you optimize drilling pressure, as well as an LED level for increased accuracy.

The MXF301 is powerful enough to drill holes up to 6″ wide, yet it’s lighter and more portable than comparable AC-powered core drills.

The MX FUEL Core Drill will be available with a stand or without. Order your MX FUEL Core Drill today!

Milwaukee MX FUEL Rocket Tower Light

MX FUEL Rocket Tower Light and Charger—All-Weather Jobsite Lighting

The new Milwaukee MX FUEL Rocket Tower Light and Charger (MXF041) extends to 10′ and illuminates jobsites both indoors and out with 27,000 lumens of LED light. Plus, it collapses to 44″ and its 8″ wheels make transportation a cinch. What’s more, setting up is easy. The MXF041 has a motorized mast that extends to 10′ in seconds.

When powered by an XC406 battery pack, the MX FUEL Rocket Tower Light can shine for up to 10 hours. Or you can plug it in for all-day illumination.

Order your MX FUEL Rocket Tower Light and Charger Kit, which includes the light and one XC406 battery pack.

Milwaukee MX Fuel Sewer Drum Machine

MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine with POWERTREDZ—Clears Roots up to 200′

Designed for easier transportation, the MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine with POWERTREDZ (MXF501) features motorized treads that power it up and down stairs, making it much easier to move around. It’s ideal for pipes between 3″ and 6″ in diameter and can carry enough drain line to clear roots 200′ away.

In addition, the Sewer Drum Machine contains the mess. A model without POWERTREDZ will also be available.

Order your MX FUEL Sewer Drum Machine today!

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