Boeshield Rust & Corrosion Protector

  • SKU: BOE-T9CA12
  • Model: T9CA12
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  • Manufactured by: Boeshield

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Boeing completed development on a solution designed to protect aircraft parts, however, someone discovered that the solution worked great to protect other metal surfaces from rust and corrosion, including saw table tops, hand tools, etc. Boeshield T-9 can be applied with a thin layer for day-to-day protection or lubrication, or with a heavy layer for storage protection. An excellent choice for rust protection.

  • 12oz Aerosol
  • Works great in combination with Boeshield Rust Free Rust and Stain Remover.
  • Also usable for marine applications, bicycle and automotive parts, garden tools and more.
  • Nozzle is designed to be depressed lightly for a thin spray or fully-depressed for a heavier spray.
  • Since Boeshield T-9 contains no silicone or teflon, it will not pick up on wood, which could cause damage to wood finishes.
  • 12oz Aerosol
  • Colourless waterproof lubricant
  • Can be used on all metal surfaces
  • Use to protect equipment in seasonal storage, loosening rusted parts, lubricating hinges, etc
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