Compact Cordless Reciprocating Saws

dewalt dsc367b compact cordless reciprocating saws

With the new DeWalt DCS367 20V MAX XR Compact Cordless Reciprocating Saw hitting shelves this month, we thought it’d be a great time to look at our lineup of compact cordless reciprocating saws. Let’s start with the new DeWalt, which Continue reading Compact Cordless Reciprocating Saws

M18 Fuel Drywall Screw Gun and M18 Cut-Out Tool

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Drywall Screw Gun 2866-20

After much anticipation, Milwaukee’s M18 FUEL cordless drywall screw guns and M18 cut-out tools are now available at KMS Tools! Check out our March 2017 flyer for fantastic prices on these and other Milwaukee M18 cordless tools. The Latest M18 Tools Continue reading M18 Fuel Drywall Screw Gun and M18 Cut-Out Tool

Bosch CORE18V Battery Is Here

core 18v battery

A revolution in cordless power tools is starting. Bosch’s new CORE18V battery is setting the standard for cordless batteries and it’s now available for order at KMS Tools! Visit this page to pre-order the CORE18V battery and be one of the first Continue reading Bosch CORE18V Battery Is Here

Multi Process Welders

multi process welders

Multi process welders (aka, 3-in-1s) are among our best-selling welding machines—especially among serious weekend welders and professionals who weld on the job, like auto mechanics or HVAC technicians. Wonder what the fuss is about? Read on. Multi Process Welders Are Continue reading Multi Process Welders

Welding Safety Equipment Checklist

welding safety equipment checklist

Why is welding safety equipment important? Molten metal, noxious fumes and scathing ultraviolet and infrared light are just a few of the hazards that welders deal with. Wearing the correct safety equipment can protect you from these dangers, so you Continue reading Welding Safety Equipment Checklist

MIG Welding: What You Need to Get Started

MIG welding getting started

MIG welding is an efficient and effective way to fabricate and repair a variety of metals. Getting started is easier than you might think. How Does It Work? MIG welding is a type of arc welding, a process that uses Continue reading MIG Welding: What You Need to Get Started

Changing the World, One Smokie at a Time!

If you’ve stopped into KMS during a 3 Day Sale, there’s a good chance you’ve followed your nose and your heart to the smokie stand, and experienced one in all it’s splendor. The monthly BBQs are run by volunteers who Continue reading Changing the World, One Smokie at a Time!

Welding Helmets: How to Choose One

welding helmets how to choose one

A welding helmet is a crucial piece of personal protective equipment. It shields your eyes, face and neck from dangerous infrared and ultraviolet rays. It also protects you from debris and hot slag. Yet the right welding helmet can do Continue reading Welding Helmets: How to Choose One